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Our Projects

eBox Shop was originally founded in 2005 as a physical eBay shop where customers could sell their items if they didn't have an eBay account. Now we are supplying the UK, Africa and Asia trade to support those in greatest need.


ACE Northants.jpg

We have provided various services to the UK communities to help those get ahead in life, eBox Shop is one of them.


Then in 2013 ACE Northants was founded to help those who were digitally excluded, to get 'online' and be part of the digital world, helping them access their Universal credit accounts and learning to use mobile and home technology.


ACE helped hundreds of people in Northamptonshire and was recognised nationally by the Good Things foundation where we and our clients were awarded as a leading centre for digital inclusion for our work with Berrywood psychiatric hospital in 2016.


Chemobrain or brain fog as its sometimes referred to is a debilitating condition that stops a person from functioning properly due to the haze they experience while going through cancer treatment. This condition usually starts after a diagnosis and progressively worsens through treatment and takes time to recover once treatment has stopped. Doctors call this condition Cognitive Impairment and it is being researched around the world. We are lucky to be a part of an ongoing research study conducted by regarding Oncology healthcare professionals' perceptions and experiences of 'chemobrain' in cancer survivors and persons undergoing cancer treatment.


Find out more about this research and what Chemobrain is by visiting

The Gambia

Through ACE Northants we were fortunate enough to have created connections within the local African community, through these connections we have built up a trade with Gambian companies who wish to improve the lives of those living in the Gambia by importing donated goods from the UK.


This helps create solid B2B links to local businesses who then are not relying on charitable Aid and relieves UK landfill sites from perfectly good products that have a second life in developing countries. Thus eliminating unnecessary waste and creating work, jobs and comfort for this who will benefit from it the most.



Makarni Foundation.jpg

We have been fortunate enough to work alongside the Makarni Foundation in Ghana who are achieving excellent results helping their local community. 

eBox Shop has helped provide essential medical and catering equipment for a new hospital soon to open in Ghana. 


We will continue to work with the Makarni Foundation and help their cause grow to 'create opportunities' by teaching, training, upskilling and 'help for hope' through donations. 


Eliminating Waste

We believe at eBox Shop that waste is a huge problem in the UK and as a consumer based society we need to radically think about how we eliminate and reduce our waste.


Everyday perfectly good products are unnecessarily thrown away.

We are working alongside leading retailers who understand this problem and how we can reduce and solve the waste problem in the UK and beyond. 

Our mission is take unwanted products and provide them to people around the world and in the UK who cant access or afford them. Let's continue to help our environment which will inturn better our world. 

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